Need Oxygen?

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If you need oxygen for breathing it can be hard for you. You might have started out in a hospital w/ a large tank & a tube going to your nose.

Staying home w/ such equipment is hard & you’re pretty well confined, plus you need to be sure you don’t run out of oxygen. There are smaller tanks, but hauling that around is hard & can still be heavy. If you stay @ home other options are having a large stationary tank w/ a very long oxygen tube.

If you’ve always been an active person confinement can be depressing.

There are many products available to help you breath, but the best I have found is a product called Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator. It’s very light weight & you don’t need to carry a tank around w/ you. This product makes it’s own oxygen out of the air around you.

It has it’s own handy carrying bag w/ a strap. Imagine being able to do all the things you love doing now & not being confined anymore. You can go for bike rides, work around the yard, eat out w/ your friends. You’re free, can still breath easily, & enjoy your life again.