5 Paper Crafts Kids Can Make at Home

5 Paper Crafts Kids Can Make at Home

Crafts are a great way to help children express themselves artistically, but they’re also fun for adults. The following 5 crafts can be made using everyday household items and will not only keep kids entertained after school or on the weekends, but they’ll provide parents an opportunity to bond with their young ones as well.

Conversation Hearts

Kids will enjoy using their artistic skills to create Valentine’s Day cards for friends and loved ones. Simple supplies include construction paper, craft sticks and scissors. Start by tracing a heart onto red construction paper, then cut it out and trace the shape onto the opposite side of the green paper. Kids can then use smaller hearts cut from white construction paper as a border for the green heart, as well as on the red one.

Paper Snowflakes

During cold winter months, craft projects can help keep kids active and busy inside. Paper snowflakes are a great choice because they’re easy to make and provide a sense of accomplishment when completed. To begin, simply fold a piece of paper in half, then fold it in half once more to create a triangle. Next, cut the tip of the triangle off and unfold it. Kids can repeat this process to make several snowflakes that they can hang on their bedroom walls or decorate around the house.

Paper Airplanes

Who doesn’t enjoy flying? Paper planes can be a fun way for kids to pass the time during the summer months when the weather is nice and they don’t have much else to do. To begin, place a sheet of printer paper in front of them and fold it in half lengthwise. Then, cut one inch off of each end and unfold it to create a rectangular sheet. Kids can cut shapes out of the corners for wings, if desired. Once the plane is unfolded, kids can use it as a template to make other paper airplanes by cutting more sheets in half lengthwise and folding them around their pre-made airplane.

Cardboard Car Model

Boys love trucks, diggers, bulldozers and other construction and demolition vehicles. Kids can use empty cardboard boxes to make their own models of these types of toys and when they’re done, they’ll have a toy all their own that they can play with. When making the model, kids should start by measuring the length and width of the vehicle’s body and cut two identical pieces from an empty cardboard box. They can then use their scissors to cut wheels from the bottom of each piece and attach them with tape. Kids may also decide to add doors, windows or other features that they can cut out of the box themselves before attaching it to the vehicle’s body with tape.

Cardboard Blocks

Blocks are not just for babies; boys and girls of all ages enjoy playing with them. Kids can make their own set of blocks out of cardboard boxes, particularly if they have a large, empty box that they can make many blocks from. Start by inspecting the box’s bottom side and determining which sides are in the best condition – this will be the top of the blocks. Then, kids should measure the length and width of the bottom side to create a template, allowing themselves an extra inch on all sides for error. The blocks should be constructed by cutting two pieces from cardboard that are identical to the size of the template. Kids can then use their pencils to draw stacking lines across both pieces before attaching them together with tape or glue.