Horse trailers can vary and some be dangerous.

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I’ve been showing horses for over 50 yrs & have learned many things over that time. Most of those yrs we hauled our own horses. The first trailer we bought was a 2 horse bumper pull made out of steel & the horses were facing forward. It’s hard for them to keep their balance in that position too. Pulling from a hitch from the back of a car or truck gives the animals in the trailer a rough ride. It jerks them around a lot, plus being made out of steel makes the trailer inside like a furnace, maybe making your animals sick.

One time a horrible thing happen to a mare we had in the trailer. We weren’t moving but something scared her & she leaped into the manger of the trailer w/ her front feet. We tried pulling her back, but her feet were getting caught on a ledge that was there to keep hay or grain from falling onto the floor. We finally got her body pulled out, but it took hrs.

We needed to get a better & safer trailer. We finally found a trailer that was cool in the summer plus safer for the horses. It was an aluminum, slant load trailer. You could walk into the trailer during the hottest day of the yr, & it was comfortable inside. There are many brands of aluminum trailers to buy. We liked the Sundowner Trailer.  A horse hauls very good in a slanted position too & the trailers come w/ a window in front of each horse.  On very hot days you can slide the glass back on the window & let the air come through the screen while you’re traveling.

We also found a gooseneck hauls smoother than a bumper pull on all counts ….for people in the truck plus the animals in the trailer