killets can vary from cast iron to non-stick.

killets can vary from cast iron to non-stick.

I’ve been cooking for many years and was happily using my cast iron skillets for many things. Mine were all seasoned, which involves heating them with oil that soaks into the metal.  This usually keeps things you’re cooking from sticking. You’ll still have certain foods that leave residue though, like searing a steak for instance.

You’ll need to clean them soon with hot water, but don’t let them soak. That will ruin the seasoning on your skillet.  What’s also nice about iron skillets is that you can use them in the oven too.

There are also many types of non-stick skillets.

I like them, especially for breakfast foods & are perfect for scrambling eggs, but when you have something small in the skillet like frying an egg, it’s hard to get a spatula under the egg for turning because the egg slides.

Cleaning the non-stick skillet is wonderful. Sometimes you can just wipe it clean, or you can rinse it with some water. Any type of food cooked in them comes out quickly.

A few non-stick skillets come with metal handles, so they can be used in the oven too.