Ceiling fans can help you stay cooler or warmer.

Ceiling fans can help you stay cooler or warmer.

Not many people years ago had air conditioners, & there are many that still don’t.

During the summer the house can get pretty hot. Any moving air would have helped.  Keeping windows open is better but can still be rough when it gets humid or is raining. Quite a few people finally put in an AC unit, which is wonderful, but air moving in the room would have helped even more. How about a ceiling fan!

They’ve been around for a long time. The first ceiling fan was invented by Philip Diehl in 1882. Before that he had invented the motor used in the Singer sewing machines.

He adapted that motor for the electrically run ceiling fan. Fans a long time ago were run off of pulleys, so his was very popular since electricity ran them.

t’s amazing how much cooler you can be when there is air moving down.  There’s a double perk to the fan too. The fan blades can be reversed.  During the summer months you want the blades to move air downward, but when gets colder you reverse the blades. Hot air goes up & when you reverse the blades you’re pushing the warmer air that’s up near the ceiling back down which keeps you warmer.

Many rooms already have a light on the ceiling & that can be changed into a ceiling fan. You can buy fans with or without lights.

If you don’t have a light on your ceiling & you would like to have a ceiling fan in that room, then you can have electricity run & install a fan there.

By having fans in your home running all the time, not only will you be warmer & cooler when you want, but you might find your AC & furnace coming on less.