Feed Your Horse Right

Horse Eating Grass

Horses are naturally made to graze, spending many hours eating. When they’re kept in stalls many times they’re fed twice a day. This can make some horses sick & a horse can colic if it’s stomach is empty too long. If you feed them in a stall be sure they have a large hay bag tied up so they can munch on it during the day. If you put a lot on the floor it usually gets scattered around & ends up in soiled areas where they won’t want to eat it. Good hay quality is important too. Brome hay is very good. Pasture hay w/ some clover is good too. Fescue hay is a lower quality & many horses don’t eat it very well. A vet told me it has a bitter taste to the horses.

A good quality of grain is good too. There are many types available. Be careful feeding a large pelleted dry food (some might be labeled for older horses) because occasionally a horse can choke on it if eaten too fast. I had that happen to a horse.