The best food is from your own garden or to purchase organically grown food.

The best food is from your own garden or to purchase organically grown food.

I enjoy growing my own food, but can’t grow everything I need. Some things are grown in different climates, like oranges or bananas. Plus, I can only grow my food during the summer unless I have a greenhouse. A few items can be grown in your home (even in a basement) w/ special lighting, but that can take up a lot of space & very little food can really be produced too.

This is why we all depend on buying our food from grocery stores. It’s just so much easier. There are many different kinds too. Some are totally organic. Most are open to the public, & then there are other outlets where you are charged a yearly fee to be able to shop there. They sell in bulk to hold down on cost so you can get more for your money.  Most of these stores also give you the option, especially in the produce area, of buying organic foods too. The majority of food from standard grocery stores though comes from large farms.

Have you ever driven by a field growing maybe corn or soybean & admired how beautiful the whole thing looked? It was weed-free. How did it get like that?  The farmer used all kinds of chemicals to keep it that way. Do you know the pesticides & fertilizers the farmer used on those plants affect you too? The chemical used in the dirt to keep the weeds out also is pulled up by the plant roots. Some of these are designed to also control bugs from bothering them.  You are also eating all of these chemicals in the plants. You can’t taste them, but they sure helped to make sure the plants look nice, plus helping the farmer produce more from crops from his field. The bad side is over time research has found these chemicals have caused problems.

After countless studies, pesticides have been linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, ADHD, & even birth defects. It has been known to harm the nervous system too.

As for organic meat, farmers usually have their cattle grazing on grass & if the grain is used, it’s organic. Organic farmers go through a lot of work to make sure chemicals are not used in or on anything they grow. Some types of plants can be planted close together so everything is thick, helping to hold down weed growth. They also use clean seeds that don’t have other seeds including small weed seeds.

They rotate their crops & balanced soil is important w/ good soil structure. Wet soil is never worked because it would help small-seeded weeds to grow.

Delayed planting is used a lot too by promoting more vigorous crop growth. By doing this Corn & Soybean seeds can emerge in 5 days. They know when to work the soil for more weed control too. Organic farmers know how to properly grow everything & still bring their beautiful food to market. A lot of time & work is spent.  Because of this, you will spend more money @ the store for their produce, but you get what you pay for….healthy food.