When you get a puppy, if you start them out right it will be easier for both of you

When you get a puppy, if you start them out right it will be easier for both of you


I love dogs & have had them all of my life.  When we get a dog we have always started out w/ a puppy. Puppies are a lot of fun but are also very challenging.  You want to play w/ them but also teach them what is right & what is wrong, so you need to spend a lot of time w/ them & talk to them a lot.  When a pup needs to go to the bathroom they will just go when the urge hits right where they are.  Ask them often if they want to go outside too & them take them there right after you say those words.  While they are going praise them for doing that.  You can say “wee wee’ while they are doing that or “poo poo’ while they are doing that, then immediately bring them inside.  You need to do this often & you’ll have less mistakes in the house. They also learn fast @ what “go outside” means.  @ first let them know “outside” is just for bathroom duties.  Playing outside will come later. 

   Puppies like to chew a lot so it’s important to give them things to chew on that are safe, so if you buy the toys, such as Petsmart or Petco, they can show you what is safe. Never give you pup a toy made for a child. They usually will have parts that will come off, like button eyes or nose & a puppy will eventually want to chew on them & can chock on them or get caught in the intestine. Dogs love squeaky toys, such as balls.  They are very safe & come in different sizes appropriate for the size of your dog.

A cage appropriate for their size is needed too.  I have found a cage that can expands as the pup grows to their full size using dividers inside the cage.  It’s important to keep them in a small space when they’re young because they’re less likely to go to the bath room.  Put them in their cage anytime you’re away from home or not able to give them your full attention.  They need a bed for their cage & something to chew on.     

   While loose dogs can get out of hand fast, like maybe chewing on an electrical cord or maybe one of your shoes, so always keep track of where they are & what they’re doing.  

   Repetition & talking a lot to your young dog is very is very important.  You’ll be surprised how fast they’ll learn not only words but also your body language.  

   These first few months you spend w/ your dog are very important for both of you & will be very rewarding because this dog will probably turn out to be your very best friend.