If you love tropical fish, it’s best to keep them in an aquarium. Some fish, like a Beta can be kept by themselves in a small bowl, but you’ll need to change the water regularly.

A male Beta is very pretty, comes in a variety of colors & is especially showy if he sees another male, but you can’t keep them in the same container because they will fight. They do get along just fine with other fish in a large tank.  You can fool him by taping a photo of another male to the outside of the tank. This will make him show-off more.

As for having fish in an aquarium, there are many different size tanks & shapes & it’s up to you for what size is best. 20-30 gallon sizes are nice.

As for what is needed:

  1. Choose your tank size.
  2. You’ll need an underground filter (specifically for the size of your tank).
  3. Gravel which comes in different colors & sizes).
  4. A water pump, & heater.
  5. Also a gauge to keep track of the water temperature, which should rage from 75-80.
  6. A hood w/ a lamp is also good to have. Some fish if excited may jump, so this keeps them in, plus the light is good during the day for the fish & makes the tank more appealing to look @. Turn the light off @ night. It helps the fish to rest.
  7. Be real sure to remove all chlorine, which can be done w/ anti chlorine drops (the bottle will let you know how many drops per gallon).

Decorating the bottom of the tank makes your tank more appealing. Many items are sold specifically for aquarium use. Plants are nice to have. You can buy real ones (which some fish will eat) or plastic plants.

You should balance your fish too, but check to make sure they all get along together.

Different fish eat different things too. Some are algae eaters & will help your tank stay cleaner.