5 Reasons To Include Yoga In Your Fitness Routine

5 Reasons To Include Yoga In Your Fitness Routine

Yoga is the perfect activity if you are looking for a way to reduce stress or boost your exercise routine. It combines deep breathing, stretching and strength-building exercises that offer both physical benefits and relaxation. Yoga can be incorporated into any type of fitness routine no matter what your current level of fitness. Beginners can start with simple poses and build their strength and flexibility over time. Yoga can be performed with or without equipment, in a group setting or at home.

1. Improve Your Flexibility

Some yoga poses may seem easy when you first attempt them, but they are designed to put your body through a full range of motion. Each pose, when held for several seconds or minutes, actually helps increase flexibility which improves your muscle strength and joint mobility.

2. Build Muscle Strength

Some yoga positions are too difficult to hold without the help of a wall or something else nearby for support, but if you’re advanced enough, you can hold them for several minutes while building strong muscles. Yoga is not simply about getting into or out of a pose, but holding it puts tremendous amount of stress on your muscles, tendons and ligaments which in turn makes them stronger over time.

3. Increase Your Energy Levels

The constant movement required in most yoga poses combined with deep breathing can provide you with a quick boost in energy. Yoga is great for exercising your lungs and stimulating the flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body. It has been shown to help reduce fatigue, anxiety, and stress which helps beat the blues during a busy workday.

4. Improve Your Focus

If you have trouble focusing on your day-to-day activities, yoga can help you improve your concentration. It also helps develop a positive mindset. Concentrating on the moment and your breathing while keeping track of how each pose feels will increase your focus levels, which in turn makes it easier to stay motivated throughout the entire exercise routine.

5. Increase Relaxation

Not only does yoga help boost your energy, but it also helps you relax and de-stress. During a yoga session, most poses typically consist of holding still for several minutes at a time which gives your mind and body the rare opportunity to rest and focus on nothing else but yourself. You may find that after completing your first yoga workout those stressful events don’t bother you as much and you’re better able to handle them when they do come up.