Use of Solar Power for a More Energy Efficient Home

Using solar power around your home is more cost-effective and easier than you think. Years back, we’ve been hearing common phrases like “solar power is the wave of the future.” In fact, it is already here.

Irrespective of the weather conditions, homeowners make use of solar power to help reduce utility bills, increase upsell value and even protect the environment. In this article, I will be highlighting a few ideas on how to effectively implement solar power in your home.

But why should you choose solar energy? Apart from saving costs from utility bills, there are other benefits of solar power you should know of:

Solar is sustainable and renewable

Some other sources of energy require the use of fuel that is extracted from the earth. Sunshine is a sustainable and renewable form of energy.


Unlike other forms of energy that have adverse side effects on the environment, solar energy plants and generators do not produce any emissions into the environment.

Low maintenance

Your home solar panel does not require too much maintenance. You just have to clean them once in a while to make sure sunshine can touch every bit of the panel.

Less noise

Other energy-powered plants and generators are known to generate noise pollution. Solar panels are silent, making your home and environment more peaceful.

More affordable

Homeowners and companies using solar power have all weighed the cost of solar energy against fuel and have concluded that they save more money. Although solar panels are quite expensive, they are becoming more affordable.

Should you invest in solar power for your home?

While solar energy is the next step to making living easier, you need to weigh if you should get one. You need to make sure your home gets enough solar energy to be able to meet your home’s needs.

Does your home have unobstructed direct access to sunlight? If not, then your home may not be a good candidate. You can check with your local electric provider to help conduct solar site analysis.

There are different ways to use solar energy in your home:


A photovoltaic is a small electric solar system that can help generate electricity in your home and office. These systems can use both scattered and direct sunlight to generate electricity. However, access to sunlight means more electricity it can generate. If you can’t afford a PV system, there are other solar systems you can invest in.

A solar water heater

The solar water heater is a great investment, as hot water is something we use every day. The solar panel heats the water and it is then delivered to the storage tank.

Solar ovens

A solar oven is an increasingly popular solar appliance. Whether you choose to preassemble one yourself or buy one, this slow cooker is a must-have in every home.

Solar lights

You can invest in outdoor solar lights and save more energy around your home. Solar energy cells help convert sunlight into electricity. They are also known as solar security lights or flood lights.