There are new ways of combing all of your animals.

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All pets w/ hair should enjoy being combed. For dogs & cats you also don’t want their fur all over the house.
This is a time too they should thoroughly enjoy, but that might depend on what you comb them w/. A stiff brush or comb would hurt plus you can’t get all areas of their body including the face or tight areas. If you wouldn’t want it used on your hair or body then you know they wouldn’t like it either. It’s also hard to get the fur out of the brush.

I have found a rubber mitten w/ small nubs of varying lengths that you can rub anywhere on your pets body. It grabs up all of the lose hair plus it’s so easy to clean by just pulling off the fur or giving your hand a shake.

Your can easily groom their face & ears & your pet will love how it feels.

A perk is you can also use it on a horse!

Check these grooming gloves out. Your pet will love you for it.