Popular Types of Craft For You to Try Out

When you think of crafts, it is normal for only knitting and painting to come to mind. But there are hundreds of different types of crafts out there that fall into eight main categories. In this article, I will be discussing the eight core categories of crafting to help you understand the world of crafting. You sure will have favorites, but you will learn about other crafts you haven’t heard about before.

Textile and fiber crafts

This involves the creation of items using textiles and fiber. Before, these items were created primarily with the hands. Nowadays, some machines are used for mass production. Textile and fiber crafts include a wide range of activities like needlework, basketry, weaving, and paperwork. There are various methods involved in preparing textiles.

Flower crafts

Flower crafts are arts that involve the use of flowers. The history of flower crafting dates back hundreds of years to Egypt. Flowers signify spiritual importance and are a great form of ornament.

Flower crafting is popular now as they are treasured for their beauty, fragrance, and importance. The crafts can be used for funerals, weddings, and celebrations.

Ceramics and glass crafts

Most sculptures and pots are all made from hardened clay. Ceramic is often combined with glass to give a unique feel and design. Crafters can use glass for different crafts and designs.


This art involves creating an item with a needle. Since needlework is such a broad category, there is a vast category of the techniques used for this craft. Some of the popular methods of this craft are knitting, tatting, crocheting, and quilting.

Needlework is ancient and dates back to 200–500 AD.


Wooden crafts are also another popular form of craft. Works of art are created primarily out of wood. Wood is one of the oldest materials that men have used to create items. This is the most endearing form of art as we use wood crafts in almost every aspect of our lives.

Popular wood crafts include furniture making, carpentry, and carving. If you become a wood master, you can make a great deal out of this expertise.

Stone crafts

Stone crafts are works created from stone. The profession of stone craft is stonemasonry. Mason frequently creates monuments, buildings, and bridges. You are probably familiar with some of these crafts.

Paper crafts

Paper crafts are designs and art that are created with paper. There are popular paper crates that can be used to decorate your rooms, office, and even nursery. Popular paper craft techniques include scrapbooking, origami, paper marbling, quilting, and more. The type of paper available and the techniques used in paper crafts have evolved.

Paper is also one of the most commonly used materials for artistic expression. As kids, we must have crafted paper airplanes, flowers, and other art.

Metal crafts

Items and designs are created with the ores of the earth’s metals. These crafts are sometimes referred to as metallurgy. Popular metal crafts include welding, smiting, casting, and more. Some of the common materials used for metal crafts are gold, silver, bronze, lead, and steel.