it’s important to contain a puppy many times for the 1st few weeks

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It’s important to have a cage for your pup.  A collapsible one is best incase you need to move it to other places. I work on house breaking first.  They need to understand not to pee or poop in the house.  While in the cage I make sure there are safe toys or chewy bones to keep them occupied.  Two cages could come in handy, one for the main room you stay in during the day & the other for your bedroom.

During the night the pup is kept in the cage. If it’s in your room your pup might give you some kind signal it isn’t comfortable.  Take advantage of anything like that & maybe your pup might repeat it knowing it helps them to go outside. It’s hard getting up during the night every time they make a verbal noise, but it’s important to respond. It won’t take long before they realize they will be rewarded. While you’re outside don’t let that be a time to play. If they don’t do something fairly soon, then bring them back inside.  Don’t respond to them wanting to play or they’ll get the wrong idea of why they’re out there. Also remember to keep them on a leash and use a collar that rewards them when the leash is loose and will tighten if they pull.    The collar can stay on them all the time. This is a very safe collar because they can’t pull it off their head while on the leash. Never use a chain collar on a pup.         While they’re outside and they do happen to pee or poop talk to them while they’re doing it.   For example while they’re peeing, constantly say pee pee, then when they’re finished make a big deal out of it w/ massive amounts of praise & maybe a treat too.  Give them a little more time to see if they’re wanting to poop. If they do, give them the same kind of praise.  If they do nothing then bring them inside.

While inside & not in their cage you might want to still keep them on a leash for the first few days and constantly keep an eye on them. It doesn’t take a pup very long to get in trouble, maybe chewing on a piece of furniture or heaven forbid an electrical cord. Pups will investigate everything. While they’re inside interact w/ them & their toys.

Getting up during the night can be upsetting, but it will pay off in the end. They’ll start associating what they do or “say” & what they get for doing that.

Talk to them a lot, telling them “beddie bye” when they’re getting in there, or “want your doggie food?”, or “want to go outside?”  Pretty soon they’ll understand those words & you’ll see them getting happy when you say certain things. Their tail tells you a lot. It’s important to understand their body language, tail between the legs, ears back, & maybe body held lower all means they’re scared or upset. It’s always nice seeing a happy tail.

Always be patient w/ your pup.  They’re babies and it will take awhile for them to learn. In the end you’ll have a wonderful buddy.