How Powerful is Your Brain?

How Powerful is Your Brain?

It’s amazing how your brain can focus on something.  I took a short course one time called “Achieving Your Potential”.  After arriving in the classroom & sitting down everyone was paying attention to the instructor.  The first thing out of his mouth was to tell us he was sorry about the heat register in the room being so loud & rattling around.  Of course none of us heard this when we first walked in because we were focusing on him.  Now….we heard the rattling heater, it was annoying & hard to quit hearing it.  A few minutes later he told us he meant to tell us about the heater.  He said it let us know how  powerful our brain is, to be able to focus on something & let nothing else bother you, like when we first came into the classroom.

One time I was interested in building a few items @ home out of stone, like pillars & a barbecue.  I didn’t know anything about doing that, but found myself seeing those type of things wherever I went & paying attention to how they were built.  I never noticed those were around me before, but now I seemed to see everything built out of stone.  One time I was in a parking lot & noticed a couple of men putting stone on the outside of a building.  I decided to go over, watch them, & fortunately they didn’t mind telling me  how they worked w/ the stone.  All of these things:  looking @ many items made out of stone & talking to these people helped me in building what I wanted.

You’ll find this will happen w/ anything you’re interested in.  These items will just start popping out wherever you go even though you aren’t thinking about it @ that time.  Your subconscious will be doing that for you & drawing your attention to it.  It’s amazing how the mind works.

My projects

                   Finished Pillar                                                                  Barbecue, not Finished