How Do I Handle My Little Pets During Winter?

How Do I Handle My Little Pets During Winter?

When winter comes and the ground turns white, we must take precautions to make sure our pets are protected from the elements.

It is very common for owners of one or more small pets (a “little pet”, as I like to call them) to bring their creatures indoors when cold weather sets in. This makes some sense as bigger animals such as horses, cattle, and pigs need nothing but a barn; but smaller livestock including chickens, rabbits, and ducks, will require special attention during this time.

The following tips contain practical advice that will help you keep your little pets safe through the winter months!

One of the most important tasks for keeping little pets warm is to provide them with a well-insulated shelter. Enclosure options can range from a traditional wooden doghouse to a more elaborate, insulated  container. The important factor here is that there is enough ventilation for air circulation without letting in large amounts of cold air. In addition, it helps to choose a shelter with an entrance as well as an exit so you don’t have to crawl into the enclosure each time you need to take care of your little pet!

In the wild, much small creatures would take shelter during winter under a pile of brush and twigs. However, this may not be the best option for pets living indoors as their food and water will quickly become covered by snow and ice. Instead, consider setting up a plastic tarp that extends several inches beyond your pets’ shelter. This will provide a wind barrier while still allowing fresh snow to accumulate on top of the sheet.

Do I need to bring my little pet inside?

Most little pets are not accustomed to living in inclement weather, so it is often best to keep them indoors so they can get plenty of exercises and spend time with their owners. However, if your pet is extremely active then you may want to let it stay outdoors provided that its shelter provides proper insulation and ventilation. However, most small creatures will be happier inside with access to food, water, and some room to play!

When choosing an indoor enclosure for your little pets, consider using chicken wire fencing instead of the glass aquarium. It’s cheaper and easier to heat, and you can always cover the top with a towel or blanket if it gets too cold. The bottom of the enclosure should be covered in several inches of wood shavings to provide insulation as well as a soft place for your animals to sleep.

Wood chips are also useful for giving your little pets traction when they’re outside. As we all know, wet snow will freeze into slippery ice which is another hazard that little pets must overcome during this season! A small path around their shelter and backyard made up of wood chips and other suitable bedding, will allow them access to food and fresh water.