Easy Way to Tie Shoes

Easy Way to Tie Shoes

I was fairly young when I learned to tie my shoes. Seemed like all children were learning the same technique by making a large loop then wrapping the other shoestring part way around that & then pushing the string through the loop, grabbing that, then pull both loops.

One day I took an interest in the way my dad tied his shoes. He was fast! I asked him to show me how he did that. I wish I had learned his way to start w/. It was so much easier. I’ve never quit tying my shoes & boots that way, plus our children know & will hopefully teach their children.
I start w/ a loop & this is where it gets very different.

Step #1 – I make a loop w/ the right shoe shoestring & hold it @ it’s base. The string of the loop is on top.

Step #2 – Holding the left shoestring w/ your hand, take the top of a small loop & push it through the first loop you made your holding in your right hand.

Step #3 – Grab that loop w: your right hand then w/ left hand grab the bottom of loop of the shoestring showing through this last loop you made w/ your left hand, then pull both loops. It made sound complex, but the more you practice it becomes very easy & faster than the original way of tying shoes.

Please watch the video too:

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