Choosing A Dog Breed

Choosing A Dog Breed

Hello there!  Welcome to this special guide!

As you know, we make it our mission to give advice on pets for everyone.  From good dogs like the Collie and the Pug, we’ve got information for every pet owner. But with all these options available today, many people who wish to enter into pet ownership are confused as to what pet is best suited for them; do they want a cuddly companion?  A challenging opponent? Or maybe just something small that they can keep in their pocket like a living piece of candy.

This guide will try and help one make the best choice for their first dog.  Please keep in mind that these animals are not meant to be toys, but instead complement your life and become cherished members of the family.

So you want a dog?

Well, good for you!  Dogs such as Poodles or Spaniels would be ideal for you because they do not shed hair and require only minimal care. These dogs also love human company so it’s great if you work from home and want something loyal by your side. However, these dogs need to be taken on daily walks so it is still important to get out and enjoy some fresh air even if you work long hours.

In addition, these dogs tend to be on the larger side so you must have a large enough yard for them to play in and lots of room inside your home.  If not, then you should consider getting one of the smaller spaniels that are less active like the Cavalier King Charles or perhaps even a Bichon Frise. These dogs still love human company but don’t need as much daily care as one would with say; an Afghan Hound or Great Dane.

Although, both of these breeds make great family pets!

Dogs like Poodles need grooming every now and again (perhaps once per month) whereas some breeds like Huskies require brushing every week. It is important to keep this in mind when selecting a dog to fit your lifestyle.

Now, if you ask people why they want a dog, many would just say that dogs are man’s best friend and that they love companionship.  Dogs such as the Bulldog and Boxer make great family pets in this regard because they like to play and cuddle and protect their loved ones whenever necessary (although this will depend on the individual dog).

Many people also want a dog because it is seen as fun; I mean who doesn’t like running around with a little fluffy bundle of fur right? And dogs give you the chance to participate in one of mankind’s oldest competitions: The Race! And when humans race dogs (and vice versa) we call it Frisbee Dog.

So there it is, dogs are great family pets and will protect you with their lives if need be!  They’re always up for a game of Frisbee or just sitting by your side while catching an episode on the television.