Best Small Pets You Should Consider for Your Kids

If you are planning on adding a pet to your family, you may forget that you are not only limited to dogs and cats. You can consider small pets. They can be cuddly and are ready to receive all the love and attention. They are less expensive and much easier to care for. If you have kids above five, compact pets are a great choice for them as raising these pets teaches them responsibility.

When choosing the right small pet for your child, you need to conduct research like you would if you were choosing a large pet. They may seem small, and even look alike, but they are different in terms of needs and behavior.

So, as you consider which small pet will suit your family, you should weigh these options. You should understand that each animal is unique and will interact with your family differently.


This classic small pet is easy to care for and can be litter trained. Although the female breed is usually more aggressive, some hamsters are more difficult to handle than others. Before you settle for a breed, make sure you read up and understand what to expect before bringing the pet home. You should settle for a Syrian hamster as they adapt faster to family care.

A hamster will need a roomy cage with an area for nesting. This will make the cage easier to clean. They usually live up to three years, so you should think about how much time your child is willing to invest in this pet.


A rat may not be on your list, but it can be a great pet. They can be calm, laid-back, and handled a lot. With the right attention they can even learn a few tricks like retrieving items, avoiding obstacles and tunnels. A rat is a great choice of pet for your child if you want them to develop a strong bond and a deep sense of responsibility. They are easy to care for and will require a standard rodent diet. They can live for up to three years.

Guinea pigs

A Guinea pig is also in the hamster family, but they are different. These animals do well with little kids as they are gentle, soft, and easy to handle. They are also mild-mannered, making them less likely to bite.

Guinea pigs are social and can interact well with your family. If you are planning to adopt one into your family, you may need to consider other options and settle for two. They do better in pairs or groups. They have a long lifespan of five to seven years, which means they will require more time and effort.


This is another small pet to consider for your child. They are easy to take care of and cannot be handled easily. They are quite fast, which means more activity in the cage. They tend to live up to two years and are great for a child that is not too involved.

Other small pets to consider for your child are rabbits, hedgehogs, and chinchillas.