3 Exercises For Healing The Body And Mind

3 Exercises For Healing The Body And Mind

The following exercises are extremely simple, do not need any equipment and can be done both at home or anywhere else. All that is required is a little desire to heal oneself. Many people neglect the fact that our physical state is the result of our thoughts, ideas and actions taken in life.

Let us look at what thoughts, ideas and actions are. Firstly, the body is composed of cells that divide and multiply. It is necessary to take into consideration that these cells can also divide in an unhealthy way causing disease within our system. Cells generally do not have any consciousness but did you know that scientists believe they may acquire it in the future?

What do you think, are our cells living beings? Well, one thing is for sure. The information that enters the body through food is divided subsequent to it reaching the cells. Sometimes this division can cause physical or mental diseases. So it would make sense to take care of these cells and give them only healthy information.

Secondly, our body and mind are the result of the information we received from parents, family members and society; that is why it is important to consider what kind of information we give to our body. This includes eating right as well as doing exercises.

Desires such as love (both giving and receiving), happiness, as well as personal accomplishments have a huge impact on our physical and mental well-being as well.

There are certain exercises that can help to bring our minds and bodies back into balance, relieve stress, and combat physical disease and illness.

1. Breathing exercises

Breathing is the only bodily function that we can consciously control, but that can also be automatic. We can speed up or slow down our breathing as much as we want, but most people do not know how to use this control at all. Powerful and effective breathing exercises can be found in practices like yoga. A simple breathing exercise is to take a few deep breaths while counting to four on the inhale and counting to four on the exhale.

This way we get more oxygen to our brains, which results in increased clarity of thinking. This is especially helpful before sleep or when waking up in the morning. The exercises can be extended by taking longer breaths or breathing through alternate nostrils.

2. Meditation

Meditation is an activity that calms the heart and mind, while increasing awareness of how our thoughts affect us, and allowing us to experience stillness.

One of the most popular meditation practices is to choose two or three mantras that you really like and repeat them for 10 minutes, while thinking about their meaning. This has a double benefit – your mind is distracted from thinking about other things while creating new positive connections in your brain at the same time. Mantras can be in any language you like – just choose one that is easy for you to pronounce.

3. Visualization

Unlike mantras, when doing visualization exercises it is necessary to use one’s imagination and create certain images in the mind. This has a very powerful effect on mental health well-being since the brain cannot tell if something is real or has been imagined.

It is advisable to visualize certain positive images that make us happy like people we love or places where we would like to be. It is also beneficial to visualize the state of our body in which we want it to be – this will help you maintain good health and heal faster when symptoms appear. For example, if you are sick visualize your immune system fighting the illness. If you are unhappy with your weight, visualize your body the way you want it to be, toned, muscular, and healthy.